“Inspiration along with motivation, enthusiasm, and interest is a catalyst for action that leads to change.”

Lori Riner, Inspirational Intelligence

Inspirational Intelligence is key in developing leadership. We continue to see support for a shift in the workplace towards a more self-driven leadership focus, especially as jobs continue to be reshaped and redefined by emerging technology and expanded remote work. We also see indifference rampant in many work environments. Indifference stifles action. Because the goal of leadership is to inspire change, indifference is in opposition to our goals as leaders. Inspiration along with motivation, enthusiasm, and interest is a catalyst for action that leads to change. Inspirational Intelligence cultivates leadership among all levels and expands the responsibility for positive culture change from a few key leaders to an entire group. It effectively empowers the whole organization.    

We have seen top organizations hindered by high-level leadership deficiencies, as well as less experienced companies soar with inspirational leaders at the helm. Now, consider the impact of these characteristics extending to an entire workforce. Individual members are inspired to join in a big-picture vision that is connected to a larger story and are then empowered to inspire others to do the same. Inspiration is a team sport. Leading and living authentically inspired is contagious. Inspirational Intelligence develops leaders who can expect to experience greater levels of creativity, impact, and meaning, not only for themselves but also for those they lead. 

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