Keynote Speaking + Professional Development

I am an experienced speaker. My presentations are data driven and creatively energized with powerful elements of story and fun. I speak on a variety of leadership topics and can customize training events or topics specifically for your organization. 

Presentations include:

The Ideal Team Player

I have found when working with groups, high performing teams emerge when they share the central goal of helping each other win. From this central goal, define what the ideal team “player” looks like for your “team”  and learn the keys to using their strengths to contribute to the greater whole. People with the goal of helping others win= high performing teams = WINNING CULTURE!

Lead Who? Lead You: Essentials of Self Leadership

My primary focus is helping you first lead yourself well so that you can then lead others well. Learn the 5 areas inspirationally driven leaders must address in order to lead themselves well, along with 3 powerful questions you need to ask yourself to calibrate your actions and behaviors to support a lifestyle of self-leadership. These combine for a power packed time of growth and inspiration.

Cultivating a Culture of Creativity

As leaders we cast vision, help those around us move through processes of change, and provide the support necessary to move organizations forward. Learn how creativity can be a powerful and primary  tool in accomplishing these goals.  

Putting Your Best
Work Forward

Discover how you are uniquely designed to work and function and learn more about work environments where you flourish and thrive (and others where you do not.). These insights are powerful tools to help you produce your best work.

What Did You Say?
Keys to Great Communication

Communicating well with employees, colleagues, and customers is one of the most important skills any leader can possess. Up your communication excellence and learn the keys to effectively communicate with confidence, consistency and candor.

Creating a Dynamic Company Culture 

Culture is the language, traditions, and symbols that characterize an organization. Most of the time these things are not written down. Establishing a strong company culture requires clarity of vision and values and consistency in communication. I bring the tools, resources, and strategy necessary to create the culture you want for your company.