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INSPIRATIONAL INTELLIGENCE: leading and Living inspired in a cultUre of isolation and division

More than ever before we are inundated by information, living at breakneck pace with a drive to do more and be more. From the demands of the changing modern workplace to the oft-overlooked negative aspects of technology, a new leadership model is required. A model designed not only to succeed in these environments but one that also positively and actively shapes them. 

INSPIRATIONAL INTELLIGENCE is that leadership model. Inspirational Intelligence is designed to facilitate an awareness of 5 core focus areas: Passion, Perspective, Purity, Purpose, and Power. These work together to form a virtuous cycle of inspiration that begins with you being inspired and begins again when you inspire others. Inspirational Intelligence is unique from other intelligences because innate to inspiration is the key component of action. Authentic inspiration always leads to inspired action.

This model also addresses the interconnectedness of our lives and the role of community. The power of life-on-life interaction is inspiration that leads to transformation. Inspirational Intelligence makes us open to inspiration, fosters conditions for inspiration, and cultivates environments of inspiration characterized by creativity, meaning, impact, and satisfaction. 

Innate to the very nature of inspiration is that it compels one to action. This component of action is both unique and essential. Beyond intrinsic or extrinsic factors of motivation, Inspirational Intelligence brings awareness of unexpected, new possibilities. 

Ultimately, for me as a Christian, this means gaining a greater understanding of God’s work which inspires me to live all-in.

Lori Riner

Throughout the book, these concepts and more are introduced, explained, and expanded. While the goal of leadership is to inspire change, indifference can hinder this by suffocating action. Inspiration along with motivation, enthusiasm, and interest is a catalyst for action. Cultivating Inspirational Intelligence among all levels expands the responsibility for positive culture change from a few key leaders to an entire workforce. Instead of only a few top-level executives being tasked with the role of building and establishing culture, Inspirational Intelligence empowers the whole organization.

My journey has shaped and informed my desire and passion to learn all I can about inspiration and the effects of its application. I have worked with clients, heard their stories, and experienced the powerful results of living inspirationally with a heightened sense of intentionality and impact. And I am excited to share these insights with you!

My first encounters with inspiration go much farther back. I vividly remember the first time I heard a full orchestra play. The brass section was impressive and the strings with their beautifully choreographed movements simply mesmerized me. I was captivated. Awakened by the beautiful melodies. Inspired. I have always had a musical inclination. From about the age of 4 years old, I would sit for hours at the monstrous upright piano in my Grandparent’s dining room plunking out songs by ear. That old piano with ornate wooden carvings and missing keytops was a catalyst for creativity in my young life. Those experiences made music come alive. In college, I studied piano performance and today, music remains a primary source of inspiration in my life. 

When encountered, inspiration has the ability to spur action, change perspectives and bring about powerful transformation. The book is filled with practical applications to energize your leadership, spark creativity, and inspire!