“Somewhere along the way we can lose our inspiration. We trade our brilliant sparkle for something sensible and dull. The choice is yours, choose to live inspired!”

 – Lori Riner

I am glad you are here! I am an author, speaker, executive coach, and leadership consultant. I’m excited to announce the launch of my new book, INSPIRATIONAL INTELLIGENCE: Leading and Living Inspired in a Culture of Isolation and Division.

I help leaders discover and reach their maximum potential. After struggling to resource leadership development tools for the teams I was leading, I sought additional training and discovered the field of leadership coaching. I am an ICF-trained coach and have been practicing since 2006.

My job is to help people and organizations move through the process of change. I help clients identify where they are, envision where they would like to be, and then provide support in the steps necessary to move from one place to the other. The word coaching is actually derived from the period when people rode in coaches. The process of coaching serves as that vehicle that moves people from one place to another. My strength lies in developing dynamic relationships that move clients forward, helping them embrace change and successfully reach their goals.

Unlike most in my field, I am a creative at heart. I come from a strong arts background having worked as a painter, musician, dancer, and writer. This creative perspective influences and energizes my work, bringing fresh inspiration and insight to a diverse clientele. 

Creativity is powerful in the coaching process because it is fun, engaging, and helps us reframe our ideas and see things from a different perspective. It serves as an invaluable tool for creating new neural networks and for reconciling cognitive difficulties. Creativity can even bypass natural defense mechanisms holding us back or keeping us stuck. 

Whether through keynote presentations or training events and one-on-one coaching, I love working with people. Nothing can surpass the excitement of seeing others come alive, connect the dots to their life’s passion and embrace the dream of what could be!

I have a Bachelor’s degree with emphasis in psychology, humanities, and science. I hold certifications through Birkman®, Connexus Group and Lead Self Lead Others.

I am married to the best guy: DJ. He loves the mountains and outdoors as much as I do and is always up for a late night ice cream run! Who could ask for more? We enjoy spending time with our family and together have built a wonderful, crazy-good life, emphasis on the crazy! My family is the inspiration and impetus behind my work. Delicious coffee, great books and long walks are some of my favorite ways to re-energize! 

Let’s Create something together.