Executive Coaching + Leadership Consulting

When you work with me you can expect to:

Discover and develop an inventory of your unique strengths and energizers as well as needs, stress triggers and potential blind spots.

Be equipped with powerful questions that assist in calibrating behaviors and actions to support a lifestyle of self-leadership.

Be inspired to dream! 

Life is about change whether we are prepared for it or not. The most effective leaders are prepared. They study change, respect change, and work to harness change. 

I guide clients on a journey to actively embrace change and fully steward their story. Clarifying values, discovering potential, and breaking through the frustration gap are all part of the process. Powerful transformation, positive forward movement and Inspirational Intelligence are the results. Clients gain an awareness of the people and activities that energize and inspire them. They learn to take inspired action that provides the powerful potential to impact, influence and inspire others. 

Self leadership is something each of us has to do for ourselves. No one can do it for us. Empowering clients to lead themselves well and giving them permission and the tools to be the very best version of themselves is vital because it directly translates into the overall greatness of their teams and organizations. When we lead ourselves well it actually helps us get out of the way and frees us to serve others better, relate to others better, and lead others best. 

Not where you would like to be? I work with strategic individuals and organizations developing dynamic relationships and providing powerful frameworks that empower forward movement. It’s time to get unstuck! My passion for creativity and innovation combined with proven leadership principles equips clients to think outside the box, creatively engage their potential and become who they were designed to be!