God has designed us each uniquely. None of us are exactly the same, each one is special. But we can become distracted from our uniqueness comparing ourselves with others, desiring to be something different than the person God created us to be. We can become trapped in the busyness of life, constantly responding, driven by needs, ever reacting instead of planning or creating. We stop risking. We stop daring. But in the quiet moments the invitation to adventure calls. 

What would happen if each of us were to truly embrace the reason God has placed us on the planet? What would happen if we truly grasped that divine purpose and began to live and breathe and move in that realm? Is there anything too great for our God? Is it possible that the God of heaven and earth, the King of the universe desires to be wildly and passionately involved in your life? I believe it is possible and promised! Life in Christ is the greatest adventure!

What would it look like to step out and pursue God’s purpose and the things He has placed in your life free from hindrances and fear?

Inspirational Intelligence

There have been times when I stepped out in pursuit of that call with a resounding, “Yes!” believing the yes was the hard part. What I did not know was the struggle, challenge, and fight that awaited me on the other side. In my inexperience, I thought my affirmation would lead to an easy road. Easy doesn’t equal good. Almost always, the things worthy of our pursuit will require something of us. There is a cost. For me that has looked like sacrifice of expectations, perfection, and my comfort zone. But the gains have meant humility, peace, and unspeakable joy. Ashley Hackshaw, blogger, artist, and creative, speaks well to the risk of adventure, “It’s all about having an open heart. I am like a sponge. Just saying yes and seeing where it goes sets my life in motion. I’m constantly finding great wisdom in the most unlikely of places, and with it courage and hope. And strength. And direction. And God.”