From the demands of the changing modern workplace to the oft-overlooked negative aspects of technology, a new leadership model is required.

Lori Riner, Inspirational Intelligence

Inspirational Intelligence is the leadership model needed to address the demands of work and life. It is designed not only to succeed in these environments but to also positively and actively shape them by facilitating awareness and understanding around five key focus areas: Passion, Perspective, Purity, Purpose, and Power. These five areas work together to form the Virtuous Cycle of Inspiration that begins by being inspired and starts again by inspiring others. This model is unique because it addresses the interconnectedness of our lives as well as the powerful component of action. Inspirational Intelligence makes us open to inspiration, fosters conditions for inspiration, and cultivates environments of inspiration, much needed for leadership development and cultural change.

Innate to the very nature of inspiration is that it compels one to action. This component, action, is both unique and essential to inspiration. Beyond intrinsic or extrinsic factors of motivation, Inspirational Intelligence also brings awareness of unexpected, new possibilities. Ultimately, for me as a Christian, Inspirational Intelligence means gaining a greater understanding of God’s work, which inspires me to lead and live all in, fully invested in His Kingdom.

The image of a tree in full bloom, lush with vegetation, leafy-green, and bearing fruit. Deeply rooted in good soil, rich with nutrients, and well-watered. These beautiful descriptions provide an excellent visual for the relationship and function of each of the five key focus areas of Inspirational Intelligence.

PASSION is represented by the leaves.  Like chlorophyll within a plant, passion is the color of our lives.  

PERSPECTIVE is represented by the position of the tree to the sun.  Proper perspective brings us to the place where we trust God and others with who we are and frees us to be our authentic selves. 

PURITY is represented by the roots of the tree. Purity addresses what’s under the surface, the motivations of our heart.         

PURPOSE is represented by the tree itself. Our purpose always involves the good of others.

POWER is represented by the sun. We can’t touch it, but we feel it and are aware of its presence. God’s power brings everything together, working exponentially, producing outcomes greater than the sum of the parts. He makes sense of our uniqueness, our talents, our strengths, and our weaknesses.     

“To live an inspired life is to flourish, stewarding every part of our stories, and giving our lives to something bigger than ourselves.”

Lori Riner

Through Inspirational Intelligence, we gain vision to see the big picture. We learn what it means to live, breathe, move, and lead in the realm of inspiration. To live an inspired life is to flourish, stewarding every part of our stories, and giving our lives to something bigger than ourselves. The very nature of inspiration is that it is unexpected or unplanned. You don’t know when it will happen, even if it will happen. The possibility why we prepare, study, and practice. We prime for the prospect. We bring excellence not just to do a good job but so God can do even more. The pursuit of excellence doesn’t constrain us, it frees us.

When inspiration is manufactured, you know it. It feels manipulated and inauthentic. But when it’s real that’s when transcendence happens. The decision to lead and live inspired is about intention, influence, and impact. Tony Dorsett said, “To succeed you need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you.” This is the beginning of Inspirational Intelligence.