“Purpose is the place where our thoughts become actions and our dreams become reality.”

Lori Riner, Inspirational Intelligence

Purpose can be represented by a picture of a tree. A tree gives nourishment through the fruit it produces. It is home to birds and other animals, providing places of safety, shelter, and refuge. And by its very presence, a tree brings beauty. The variety of colors and shapes form an ever-changing landscape of creativity and delight. Trees also provide an animated source of adventure, from squirrels chasing through branches to housing make-shift forts filled with rambunctious youngsters. Its purpose is multifaceted. Likewise, purpose in our lives combines varied aspects, each reflecting unique attributes of our design, yet all working together. Purpose acknowledges a powerful shift in the Virtuous Cycle of Inspiration from the previous areas’ introspection to an others orientation. It’s the place where our thoughts become actions and our dreams become reality. Purpose embraces a different, better future from today because our destiny always involves the good of others. Through purpose, we bear fruit, become places of refuge, reflect significant beauty, and embrace great adventure. Ultimately, our purpose is to bring glory to God in all these ways.  

There comes a time in our lives when we must make the decision to strip off the fear, questioning, and weight that hold us back, and run wholeheartedly in the direction of God’s full potential and purpose for our lives. This pursuit is necessary if we intend to bear fruit. 

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