Leaders help others “play big” through visioning.

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see,” Henry David Thoreau. 

As we kick off a New Year, especially leaving 2020 and excitedly moving into 2021, I believe we should not miss the significance of vision. As leaders one of the primary works we do is helping those we lead catch vision. We help them see and envision a preferred future. Helping people develop and articulate vision is essential because what we place our focus and attention on is where our daily energy will flow. What we focus on is what grows. 

The frustration gap is the gap between where someone is currently living, their present reality, and their maximum potential. Vision and dreaming are powerful steps to help people move in the direction of their potential. Visioning is a systematic method and structure to move people forward into the future they are seeking. Leaders can act as an extra pair of eyes, seeing and identifying changes necessary to create new outcomes. Together we help shine a light out into the distance, cut through the fog, and highlight a new possible future. 

When the vision becomes clear, and is detailed enough to feel real, it can begin to be entertained as a possibility. It can be especially powerful when a person is stuck living out someone else’s vision or expectations for them. The thought may never have occurred that they could choose to be something else. Or when we simply think too small. People can become so used to playing small or safe or comfortable that they believe it’s the only choice they have. Leaders help others “play big” through visioning. Creativity in visioning can be powerful because of it’s ability to give new perspective and reframe old mindsets or beliefs that limit our progress. As a leader we help people move through this process of change. Our job is to help them identify where they are, envision where they would like to be, and then provide support in the steps necessary to move from one place to the other. 

There are three powerful questions to help you in the process of calibrating your actions and behaviors in support of a lifestyle of personal leadership and vision:

1. What are the things holding you back or keeping you stuck? 

Identify the obstacles and begin addressing them.

2. What are the things you are dreaming about or perhaps what are the things you used to dream about? 

Give yourself permission to dream and make a plan to go after it.

3. Where are you right now? What is your reality? 

What are you feeling? What are you doing? Are you growing or learning new things? What is your current capacity? Are you overworked, over scheduled, burned out or stressed out? Or apathetic, lazy, disconnected and bored?

Be willing to enlist help for resourcing, support, and accountability. This is where the work I do as a coach and consultant becomes so valuable. I guide clients in the process of discovery and accountability vital to move their stories forward and engage their God-given potential. 

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